What our parents say


We are incredibly grateful to Cleverest as they have been a great support in the development of our daughters. We always receive personalized attention to meet the needs of each of them. The support given to my eldest daughter during her adjustment, as she had gone through two country changes, was exceptional and filled with warmth. And with my youngest, the love and patience shown to help her confidently join school for the first time after the pandemic was remarkable. Always a positive experience!

Maria Alejandra Pazos y José Pablo Ortiz

Cleverest has been a safe haven for our family, a place filled with love, patience, and empathy for us as parents and for our two children. Both of them joined Cleverest when they were less than a year old, and despite being so young, we always felt confident and secure because we witnessed the love and passion that the staff pours into their work. They treat the children with so much love, providing personalized and genuine care, that we have recommended Cleverest without hesitation to anyone who asks. Thank you, Cleverest family, for loving our little ones and for your daily effort to enrich them with learning, creativity, thoughts, emotions, and experiences. We are grateful to be part of the Cleverest family :)

Rebeca Fuentes

Cleverest for us has been more than just a school; it has been an extension of our chosen family. It has filled our son, Maxi, with countless learning experiences, but above all, it has provided him with love, affection, and constant support throughout his development. Thanks to the support of the entire Cleverest team, as parents, we have also grown and learned to become better versions of ourselves for Maxi. For Maxi, Cleverest is HIS little school, the BEST place for fun, HIS home, and HIS haven. His friends and classmates are like HIS siblings (that's what he calls them). For us, Cleverest means Development, Security, Stability, Connection, and Happiness. Cleverest will always hold a very special place in our hearts and in our family's story.

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