Why Cleverest

Only preschool network globally certified by The Institute for Habits of Mind from the USA. There is deep integration of Habits of Mind into the daily curriculum, to foster positive and intelligent thinking habits in our young ones. Habits of Mind is about knowing how to behave intelligently and respond effectively to uncertainty or dilemmas. It provides children of all ages a framework for autonomous learning, critical thinking and effective inquiry.

Our pedagogy involves a unique blend of Reggio Emilia-inspired project learning, Multiple Intelligences and Habits of Mind, in an immersive bilingual environment. Adding our team of nurturing educators, the result is an effective child-centric, skills-based learning framework that develops a child holistically.

Beautifully designed spaces are hallmarks of the Cleverest learning environment. We believe that our children learn best in beautiful surroundings, so we spare no effort in creating spaces that stimulate their senses and encourage their natural urge to explore everything around.