Curriculum and Teachers

Cleverest's curriculum is imported from Mulberry Learning Singapore who has been voted Singapore's "Best Holistic Learning Program" for 5 consecutive years. Mulberry Learning's proprietary iDevelop · iExplore · iLearn · iExperience promises a fun bilingual learning experience like no other. This among other things is what we offer here at Cleverest Early Education. We want to make your child's experience so enjoyable and fun that they don't know they are learning. Play is serious learning, and we provide the perfect environment for this to happen. When they have fun learning, they will be life long learners.

Highlights of the curriculum model:

iDevelop - The child develops intelligent thinking and behavioral dispositions through the Habits of Mind™

Signature Program:

  • Habits of Mind @Mulberry

iExplore - The child explores through project work. This is built on authentic inquiry. Project inquiry is core to our pedagogy of applied learning.

Signature Program:

  • Project inquiry @Mulberry

iLearn - The Child learns domain knowledge through intentional subject teaching in English, Mathematics, as well as S.T.E.A.M.-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) enrichment programs.

Signature Program:

  • Literacy Fun
  • Math Quest
  • Busy Baker
  • Music Mooves
  • Little Newton
  • Picasso Kidz

iExperience - The child experiences a Reggio-inspired environment that facilitates self-directed learning.

Signature Learning zones include:

  • Discovery Cove
  • Transient Art
  • Art Atelier
  • Construction Piazza
  • Imaginary Playscape
  • Finger Gym

The result is an effective child-centric, skills-based learning framework that develops a child holistically. What you see in our centers, are children embarking on a personal odyssey of creative learning and character development. They become young maestros of their mind, acquiring intelligent thinking habits which accelerate their learning. As young inquisitive explorers, our children can’t wait to learn, about anything and everything. They ask questions – many of them, and often. They build up expert knowledge, block by block – in both English and Spanish, as well as Mathematics and other fields. All these, while forging new friendships, spreading love, and having tons of fun!

Our teachers are trained in the Mulberry Learning way. They play an important role in delivering the curriculum and supporting your child’s learning and development. This will provide the best possible care and learning experience for your child. We are careful about whom we select as our educators. We look for qualified educators/psychologist with passion, dedication, a cheerful disposition, and enthusiasm to go the extra mile – just to make your child smile. Our educators undergo continual training to keep abreast of latest curriculum trends and child pedagogies, so as to meet the high standards that our brand is renowned for.

We have periodic meetings with the teachers so they can better themselves with the children and with the program. These are lead by a clinical psychologist, Marianela Diaz Psy.D. and Special Ed. teacher Olga Valdes Riba. They both have ample experience in neuroscience, education and special education.