Schedule and Activities


DROP OFF | 7:30 am

MORNING SESSION | 8:15 am to 11:45 pm - Activities powered by Mulberry Learning

LUNCH | 12:00 pm - Healthy lunch catered to your child's needs

AFTERNOON SESSION | 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Powered by Mulberry Learning


     During the morning session, we work on the curriculum from Mulberry Learning Singapore which is structured on three pillars:

  REGGIO EMILIA PROJECT BASED LEARNING | This is a child-centric way of learning where the teacher is a facilitator in what the child is eager to learn, through a well-developed curriculum.

    HOWARD GARNER'S MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES | At Cleverest we take into account that no child learns in the same way. The teachers keep this in mind while imparting the classes and boost the use of every type of intelligence: musical, logical-mathematical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, and spatial. We take children's learning very seriously through their play.


    HABITS OF MIND | This is a soft skill that is crucial for the future development of global citizens of the world.  The Habits of Mind were developed in California State University for older children. However, we at Cleverest, are the only preschool in the Americas with this new, extraordinary approach developed in Singapore. 


     During the afternoon session, your child willbe introduced to important life skills.


    INDOOR GREENHOUSE | Here your child will plant vegetables, watch as they grow, and later harvest their crops.  This provides them the understanding of where food comes from, and introduces healthy eating habits. A lesson that will live forever in their mind.

    MINDFULNESS AND YOGA | To focus on the here and now.  Keeping in mind what is important, and relieving any negative emotions and feelings your child may have.

   CODING FOR PRESCHOOLERS | This is the platform for their future coding skills, which will make the later information about computing easier to understand. We teach your child a correct way to take advantage of technology, and keeping them away from its dangers.

    SCIENCE ALIVE | This is a way to introduce your child to science in a fun and attractive way that will boost the natural desire to understand the world.

   Music is incorporated in all of these activities. It is an easy and fun way  to learn what is  important in your child's life.

     We have an indoor gym and playground for your child's enjoyment and to learn the importance of physical activities.