Brave Explorers

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Infant, Stimulation and playgroup from 14 to 24 months

Teacher-to-child ratio : 1 to 6

With an assistant teacher

Our Toddler & Playgroup Programs are structured as Full-day and Half-day childcare options.

Many children at this age may feel a bit of anxiety about being away from the parents in their “first school experience”. Our toddler & playgroup teachers recognize the importance of relationship building and the need to provide a sense of security. We aid parents in this home-to-school transition by providing practical tips to ease your child’s separation anxiety. Close bonding activities and daily routines will help provide your child with a sense of stability and belonging, making Cleverest a home away from home.

Starting from playgroup, we offer a bilingual learning environment with English as the main language and Spanish as the second language. Our teaching pedagogy from Pre-Nursery to preschool is based on the A-S-K framework:

A (Attitude) – Inculcating positive Habits of Mind to nurture self-improvement, self-awareness, self-control and relationship building skills in children. These habits help children in problem-solving and build up a positive learning attitude.

S (Skills) – Developing 6 main learning skills and dispositions, namely problem-solving skills, communication skills, questioning skills, thinking skills, social skills and positive attributes through the Reggio Emilia inspired project inquiry approach.

K (Knowledge) – Progressively building the foundations of knowledge in Numeracy, English and Chinese literacy. We understand that every child has his/her own dominant strengths and styles of learning, so we adopt the Multiple Intelligences approach to adapt our teaching approaches according to each child’s learning styles.

In particular, our toddler & playgroup programs emphasize child-initiated learning, empowering our young to explore and experience the world around them. Teachers plan and integrate language experiences, numeracy, music and movement, aesthetics and creativity, motor skills and social interactions through activities like circle time, puppet play, sensory art, and imaginary play. Physical development of gross motor skills and fine motor skills is also important and achieved through play-based activities that concurrently allow your child to form close bonds with their friends. We have also incorporated a physical development program using the Sportball multi-sport approach, to expose your child to different games and promote a healthy lifestyle from a young age.